Monday, March 18, 2013

Reception Issues?

Last week, KLRN experienced problems at our transmitter and within hours, our engineers were assessing the situation and fixing the problems. WHEW!  There were a few hours where we were not broadcasting to our viewers who watch our channels over-the-air. At our studios, our signal strength was restored and all was fine in the world---with the exception of the many viewer e-mails notifying us that even after a normal "re-scan" our signal did not appear.

If you are one of those people who still are having problems, please try the following instructions. This is called a "double re-scan" which helps to clear out any memory of channel reception, and can possibly be the answer to your reception issues after work is performed on our equipment.

Try it and let us know if you are still having issues
Your feedback helps us to serve you better.

Many thanks and we appreciate your patience.


Many consumers already know about the need to run the “scan” function on their digital converter  
boxes or digital TV sets periodically following the June 12 digital TV transition. Scanning searches for and “remembers” the available digital broadcast channels.

But in some cases where stations moved their digital frequencies on June 12, simple scanning may not be enough. There is a procedure – sometimes called “double re-scanning” – that can clear your box’s memory of saved channels. These earlier scans may have saved channel information that is now incorrect.

There are five simple steps to a double re-scan for a converter box or digital TV, which are as follows:

  1. Disconnect the antenna from the box or digital TV
  2. Re-scan the box or digital TV without the antenna connected. As with any scan follow the on-screen instructions or owner’s manual for your device
  3. Unplug the box or digital TV from the electrical outlet for at least one minute
  4. Reconnect the antenna to the box or digital TV and plug the unit into the electrical outlet.
  5. Rescan the box or digital TV one more time.


  1. I just tried the double rescan as per the instructions; my TV is still not picking up the signal.

    I'm in the Medical Center, and ever since the digital switch, KLRN has been the only local station that I could reliably receive. It's strange that now there isn't any signal getting through at all.

    1. I live in Kenedy (SE of San Antonio), tried the double rescan and still have no signal either.

  2. Trust me - the engineers did NOT fix the problem. A similar discussion occurred once before in which a KLRN engineer communicated with me by email having me jump through all kinds of hoops - then THEY discovered that they had a flawed meter that was indicating a perfect signal which was not the case. Once they replaced the flawed equipment, the signal strength shot up perfectly and had been fantastic ever since - until last Thursday. Something is either broken and/or disconnected. Double-scan does NOT fix the problem.

    As a related issue, by choosing VHF instead of UHF (power cost considerations), they limit what many customers can receive unless they are willing to put up an expensive roof antenna. I personally do not need anything more than an indoor antenna, but I have had to explain to many a person that they will only be able to pick up UHF stations unless they get an indoor antenna with the old "rabbit ears" from the days of analog. The wall-mounted circular antennas that do not have "rabbit ears" will only pull in UHF - not VHF. The only other station in San Antonio that is VHF is over-the-air Channel 12.1 and 12.2 - but they have more expensive equipment and/or the FCC has granted them more broadcast power. Every other station in San Antonio migrated to UHF when the transition to DTV first occurred. UHF is so powerful that I hooked up just a coat-hanger as an antenna once and was able to still get UHF!

    1. Update - KLRN is back on the air. If you did not rescan and/or double rescan, you will find out that neither one is necessary.

      If you did any rescanning, just do it once more to restore reception.

  3. I tried the rescan and it did not work for me.


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