Friday, November 2, 2012

ARTS: Our version

I love the arts, I just do. I love anything that makes the world more gorgeous than it already is. I see beauty in the things that are simple, elegant, and not even considered “artsy”. I see my kids lining up leaves on the table as art. I see art in the way knick knacks are arranged on a shelf or in the way certain people sign their name. Art is everywhere.
When we (at KLRN) were first having the discussions earlier in the year about launching our own local arts show, I had to contain myself. I was so excited about the concept, but I had to harbor the excitement and put in place the work it would take to launch the show. The name: ARTS.  The look, the feel, the vibe, the details---there was so much to do, and only a small crew to do it. It is funny too because what is considered good art to one person, may be considered junk to another. Art is very personal and I wasn’t sure how we were going to bring it all together and AGREE on it. But we did.

Our graphic designer came up with a logo that just fit. When she put it into motion on-screen, it fit BETTER. When our editor put the first spot together, even when it was a rough draft, we could tell that the feel of the program was going to be fun and hip and almost eccentric. I realized that our version of the arts was exactly what I was hoping for---less paint on canvas, art history and classical music and more eclectic collectibles, jazz music, and art exploration. It all came together just beautifully.

From the very first moment I met Asia Ciaravino, our host, I knew she was the perfect fit for our program. Funny, knowledgeable, and just easy to like---I liked that. She sees the world as an opportunity, she appreciates quirky things, and she shines on camera. Like I said, she is just perfect.

ASIA ON ARTS: “I love art because it sparks creative thought and emotion. I also love the study of human nature. In art we create an open forum for expression; each art form allows the consumer a different touch point. Theatre is my art. Being an actor has taught me many things about people; most importantly that everyone has different or competing objectives. When you listen, you are able to decipher what people really want and understand how to give it to them. As we grow and understand people, we become better actors. As we listen more and talk less, we become better people. I believe art is a transformative force with the power to change people profoundly. “

We are in the process of completing our fifth show. It is all still new, we are still finding our groove, and we are working on how to make this good concept GREAT.

The hard work was not mine. The hard work came from the graphics, the editor and our crew who had/have to be on location to film anytime, anywhere. I say they “have” to do the work, but it is more accurate to say that they “get” to work on this project. This is a fun one—and they agree that while we all consider this work, we are really lucky that this new program belongs to us.

ARTS for all. I hope you have a chance to see the show and embrace art near and far…

And the next time you see something strategically or not-strategically placed, you stop and appreciate that it’s existence is actually…art.