Tuesday, July 27, 2010

At KLRN, we're all about showing you

...what you've never seen. And I went to see something last week that I'd never seen: The National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg. It's been called the "most comprehensive, well-organized and informative Military Museum" by a writer from the Wall Street Journal. So, why do you want to go to a Military Museum? I can think of a million reasons, but here are a couple:

It's not just a military museum, but a museum of the sociology of the times--the 30's and 40's. Even if you've no interest in War, spend some time there and you'll get a heaping dose of what it felt like being alive, and being an American back then.

Further, it will give you a window into your parents' and grandparents' world. Everyones' lives revolved around the war, and the survival of the world as we know it was in no way guaranteed. Those of us not born 'til way after the war really can't comprehend how all-encompassing World War II was, even here in the peaceful US. Everyone paid a price, and some paid with everything they had.

So why was I at the Museum of the Pacific War? We recorded a Conversations there with its new President & CEO, Retired General Mike Hagee. He's a great guy and there was so much to see, so much to talk about, that we decided to make this Conversations an hour-long special. Calling it special is no leap, either. Host Jeff Coyle had to overcome a blown out tire, a cab ride home, then he had to borrow his wife's car just to get to Fredericksburg!

No arduous journey for you though; all you've got to do is turn on your TV to watch. It'll be on at 8PM Thursday August 19th. If you can't see it then, you can catch it on our Video Player later.

I'm sure we'll be able to show you something you hadn't seen before about our world, and even about our little slice of it here in Texas.