Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Going Fast--n-Furious at Your Local PBS Station

I spent about half my career in commercial TV doing local TV News Promotion. That's a tough, fast-paced business, but I don't know that it was any more fast-paced than what we've been doing here at KLRN recently.

We've been in pledge drive, which means we had to design, build and light a pledge set. We've also worked every day the last couple of weeks because, well, that's the way pledge works. Been meaning to pledge, but haven't gotten around to it? I can make it real easy; just go here and see how quickly you can step through it.

We also shot an hour-long special on Water last week, and it's now edited for air at 8PM Thursday the 25th.

We're putting together a Conversations with Everyman Overachiever Nelson Wolff and SARF President Nick Hollis. We shot it down at Espada Mission, and Mr. Wolf waxes poetic about how the New Mission Reach is a labor of his love for the South Side.

Speaking of the San Antonio River, did you watch our River Walk Doc? Sorry for the inside-the-station terminology, but River Walk Doc is what we call Paseo Del Arte: Expanding the San Antonio River Walk. If you missed it, or if you want to see it again, for now at least, you can. All you've got to do is check out our spiffy new video player. You can see Conversations you may have missed, Wings Over the Alamo, World War II: In Our Words, and other important local programs.

Pledge is done on Sunday; here's to hoping we make goal, and that we earn your pledge dollar in the process by bringing you great local programming on our channel, and a lifetime of learning outside the box, out in the community.