Friday, May 14, 2010

Don't You Believe Them

Surely you've seen the patterns in people. There are those who fast-as-lightning will tell you "No way; it can't be done."

If you believe that, you're right. It can't be.

And then there are those who look at that same equation and think "yeah, it's gonna be hard, but I think we can do it. No. I know we can do it." These folks have the can-do gene, which is one of humanity's great gifts to itself.

For our Conversations program a while back we interviewed the doctors Ruth Berggren and Tyler Curiel. They've got the odd luck to have suffered the landfall of Hurricane Katrina at ground zero, and to have gone to Haiti to help in the humanitarian efforts after their big quake. These 2 doctors have that can-do gene.

We also recently interviewed Carolyn Chipman Evans, who created the Cibolo Nature Center, and has gone on to make it one of Texas' finest Interpretive Centers. One has to wonder how many came to her and said "You wanna do what? Can't be done!" She's got the can-do gene.

Last week we interviewed Sandra Cisneros, who was raised in a situation where she was told the her career options were primarily secretarial. Turns out, she was driven not so much to type, but to write. Now she's written herself into the pantheon of great American writers. Sandra's got the can-do gene, too.

Next week we talk to Joci Straus, whose life is all about seeing the possibilities, and putting the effort towards turning those possibilities into realities. After leading the charge to save the Majestic and Empire Theaters, Ms. Straus is now focused on helping the next generation of artists and performers with scholarships that will enable them to realize their dreams. No doubt, Joci Straus has the can-do gene.

Here at KLRN, we're all about can do. We hope through programs like Conversations, that we inspire you to do all you can. Don't believe 'em when they tell you you can't. You can.