Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thursday Night's Conversations

If it looks like they're having fun, maybe it's because they are. The THEY are Juan Sepulveda, Julian Castro and Ricardo Romo and we brought them together to discuss the hurdles South Texans have to clear to get a higher education. Juan's new post with the Obama Administration's Initiative on Excellence in Education leaves him well qualified to speak, as do the resumes of San Antonio's new Mayor and UTSA's President.

This Conversations program was recorded at UTSA's downtown campus right after a gathering of educators and government folks had hashed over the high hills and deep ruts of south Texas' education landscape. The lively half-hour program runs the gamut on education, from TAKS test troubles to where they think the biggest hurdle to clear for getting a good education lies: and it’s probably not where you think! Check it out Thursday night at 8.