Friday, August 7, 2009

So What's KLRN Done for You Lately?

Katrina's back with a great big passel of fun stuff that KLRN's been up to...and even a little mystery for you to solve. But why write about it when you can see it for yourself?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Almost Time For...School!

Who is really able to pass up a kid-friendly, COOL place to bring the kiddos on Saturday? KLRN Kids, EarlyON, and the San Antonio Children's Museum are celebrating the beginning of a new school year with a Passport Back To School event featuring Ruff Ruffman, himself, from the PBS hit show Fetch! (Parents, remember to bring your cameras!)

Admission to the museum is FREE during the event, so gather the kids (they have to adjust to getting up early again anyway) and join us from 9a -11a at the San Antonio Children's Museum. Each child will receive a "passport" at the entrance along with a list of activity tables (stations) to visit. At each station, they will receive a stamp on their passport, and once the passport is filled with stamps, the child will get a bag full of goodies!

If you haven't been to the SA Children's Museum lately, be prepared for a great time. There is a new ball/gravity exhibit at the entrance, and kids can literally get trapped in there for hours just running their little hearts out (trust me, I've experienced it myself). If you are a frequent visitor of this great kids place, know that our activities will make this trip that much better.

Need more info? Give us a call 270.9000 or look for more upcoming events at (p.s. the Biscuit Brothers will be here in September!)

See you on Saturday!