Friday, May 8, 2009

Have you installed your DTV converter box only to find you can't receive KLRN?

If you are using an antenna (not cable or satellite), here are a few tips that might help:

If you have one of those compact indoor antennas – at lot of the antennas that are promoted as “HDTV” antennas – it has very poor performance in receiving VHF television stations, like KLRN-DT. All the rest of the DTV stations (for now) broadcast in the UHF band and those smaller antennas may work just fine on UHF but are not satisfactory for VHF. At the very least, you need an all-band antenna (VHF+UHF).

If you live outside San Antonio, you may need an outdoor antenna to receive our signal. When the FCC calculates DTV coverage, their formula assumes that the receiver has an all-band outdoor antenna mounted on a 30’ mast. Of course many people would have difficulty installing such an antenna.

If you live inside the city, you might try to receive our signal using a basic set of “rabbit ears” – nothing fancy, just the two telescoping rods. You’ll need to experiment with the orientation of the rods to get the maximum signal level – and there should be a signal strength indicator in your DTV converter box. Look in the Menu for that display.

We'll keep posting more information as we move towards the June 12 transition, but you'll find much more on our DTV site at

Thursday, May 7, 2009

KLRN and Discovery Education honor NISD for 1 Millionth View

A student at Thomas C. Clark High School was responsible for the one millionth view in KLRN Connect by watching a timely piece entitled Assignment Discovery: An Inside Look at the Flu. KLRN Connect is the digital video streaming service provided by KLRN and Discovery Education. With 40 districts subscribing to this service in the south central Texas region, NISD is one of the first districts in the country to reach this landmark achievement.

On May 6, KLRN and Discovery Education presented Northside Independent School District Superintendent John Folks with a certificate signed by Discovery Education President, Bill Goodwyn and KLRN General Manager, Joanne Winik, recognizing his school district’s one millionth educational video viewed.

According to Northside ISD Superintendent John Folks, "Using technology to increase academic excellence is a top priority for Northside ISD. Using KLRN Connect helps us improve student achievement and puts us on the leading edge of technological innovation in the San Antonio area."

KLRN and DE congratulate NISD adminstration, staff and students in making that innovation a reality!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Entire Museum Reach Project in 1/2 Hour!

You've probably heard of the Museum Reach, that fabulous new River Walk project, running from the Lexington Street Bridge all the way to the Pearl Brewery. That's a lot of ground to take in, so instead of you researching it on foot, why not let us do the heavy lifting? In fact, we've already done so, and with camera in hand.

Thursday night at 8 Conversations reveals the soup-to-nuts details on what's surely South Texas' largest public works/public art installation in the last...oh, I'd say bazillion years. The San Antonio River Foundation (SARF) has combined the creativity of Artists, the backbreaking work of hundreds of skilled workers, and labor-saving machinery to create a landmark project through the city's old industrial northeast downtown area.

Candidly, this was not a garden spot. Abandoned Warehouses and overgrown lots were the norm in this corner of the city that time seemed to skip over. But it had one major thing going for it: the San Antonio River runs through it. So a wise group of people who think we ought to be proud of what we leave those who come after decided to do something BIG.

And the diamond they spotted in the rough...has now been shone to near perfection. It's taken 12 years, a handful of mayors, a small passel of city managers, a collaboration between the city, Bexar county and the San Antonio River Authority to make it happen. And they've succeeded. Mightily.

Tanji Patton hosts a half-hour look at the breath-taking project, with Kim Abernethy representing SARF, Thursday night the 7th right here on KLRN.