Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Auction Volunteers Rock

Blazing Gavels would simply not be a success without the volunteers who give of their time during the ten-day event.

Over 1,000 volunteers are involved in such things as:

  • Answering calls during the event
  • Calling high bidders back and confirming their bid
  • Writing and tracking bids on the boards
  • Staging items that we show you on-air
  • Helping with the web site and social media posts
  • Serving meals, generously donated by local restaurants

We can always use more help during Auction, particularly answering phones in the late night shifts. If you would like to get involved, call Sharon Sutton at 210-270-9000 or email her at

'Twas the Week Before Auction

With just one week before the kick-off of KLRN’s 44th Annual Great TV Auction, we thought we share a bit of what the KLRN staff is doing.

Auction Team: The center of all of the action, this group is busily ensuring all donations are picked up from various places around region and getting them entered into databases and prepared to go on-air and online.

Social Media: We’ve gotten some great help this year from Fran Stephenson and the folk at Rackspace Hosting. We’ve created a brand new way to share news and updates throughout the Auction. Be sure to look for us at or follow us on Twitter at If you’ve visited the site lately, you’ll see we are beginning to enter the first items. Check back each day to see what we’ve added.

Production: This team is coordinating everything you see when you watch the Auction beginning at 6 PM each night. The KLRN studios are being transformed and it’s very exciting to watch it take shape. We have a group of students from the International Academy of Design and Technology and the Blue Star MOSAIC program, who are creating and painting a new graphic look for the set. (See progress photos here.)

And how about YOU? Are you ready for the Auction? Do you have your SPEED BID NUMBER? Give us a call at 210-270-9000 today!