Friday, August 14, 2009

Take a Peek at the PBS Press Tour

I love summertime. This is when PBS announces our fall lineup and it’s so refreshing when new programs are unveiled.

What’s even more exciting is that PBS has just returned from their press tour in Calif. and is already seeing the results of their efforts.

On a conference call I participated in yesterday with the PBS Communication Advisory Council, the media team reported “…strong media attendance, including the Associated Press, TV Guide Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and more than 130 other publications and Web sites with 60 million+ total circulation.”
USA Today called last week’s PBS Press Tour “excellent” and Washington Post’s Lisa de Moraes said “PBS’s press tour is the best lineup by far.”

You can check out the PBS Press Tour yourself on YouTube. Among the highlights you’ll find:

I could go on about what’s new this season, but don’t take it from me or PBS, check out the press tour yourself at I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Your Opportunity to Walk with Dinosaurs

Have you heard that dinosaurs will be in San Antonio this fall? Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular will visit the AT&T Center on November 4 -8.

Anyone interested in dinosaurs, history, engineering, or robotics will be amazed at this show. The live show is based on the famous Walking with Dinosaurs series produced by BBC and seeks to once again bring dinosaurs to life. The entire floor of the AT&T Center will be cleared to make room for these massive creatures. KLRN viewers will have a chance to watch a behind the scenes documentary about this amazing production. “Walking with Dinosaurs: The Making of the Live Experience” will air this Sunday at 7:00pm. I’ve watched this program and, trust me, it will amaze you to see the amount of work that goes into designing and creating these life size creatures. …And I do mean life size. The largest dinosaur is 72 feet from nose to tail! Anyone familiar with engineering won’t be surprised to know that there are some tense moments. No design is every implemented without a few hitches. I don’t want to give away any details, so you’ll just have to watch. Don’t forget to tune-in to KLRN on Sunday (8/16) at 7:00pm.


P.S. Please note that the above clip is from the Live Experience event and not from the Making of… documentary.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ruff n Stuff | KLRN KIDS Go Back to School

Families zoomed into the San Antonio Children’s Museum on Saturday, August 8, attending the Passport Back to School event. Over 1,100 people entered the doors and ventured to the Tooth Booth, the kid-powered elevator, and the H-E-B Kids’ Market, making new friends and having fun along the way! As children were engaged in play, they were learning! Any time is learning time and what a perfect location for children and their families to play together. It was amazing to see children pushing along their shopping baskets choosing their purchases and it was just as fun watching the parents observing and engaged too. Children stood in the middle of a large bubble in the Bubble exhibit, they dug for treasures and manned a front end loader. A special treat was the Fetch lab where they made catapults and released cotton balls; Ruff Ruffman, from the PBS KIDS GO! show, Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, made special appearances too.

Community partners shared important program information with parents and caregivers; they learned more about parenting programs, home-visiting programs, the important role they play as the child’s first and most important teacher, and about resources that are available for them in their communities! Children walked away with school supplies, backpacks, books, and smiles. We’re really excited that the event was such a hit and we look forward to the next time where we can help kick-off a new school year!

Blogger: Maricella Borroel