Friday, April 10, 2009

This Just Isn't Cool

It's crazy cool! It's the Grotto, by Camden and Newel Streets, well over halfway done, yet fully fabulous. For more detail, click on the picture and make it big.

It's time to use your imagination just a bit: Imagine where the white pickup is parked that 4 feet of San Antonio River is there instead. Imagine walking in from screen right, underneath a waterfall from the upper level, into that cave-like Grotto, walking by a pool at center left, underneath yet another waterfall, then up a set of stairs to get to street level. In just a couple of months you'll be able to do that.

This is just one of the many art installations now fully underway as part of the Museum Reach River Walk extension. For more, check out Karen Adams' River Blog about the project. KLRN is working with the San Antonio River Foundation to create a documentary about the landmark project, and bridge by bridge, artist by artist, we'll keep you informed as it comes together!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Defining "change"

I sat in on a judging today for Fresh Cut 2009-a video competition for high school students. As a mom of two very young kids, I was so intrigued by what I saw. Entertained. Enlighted. Inspired. There are limitations on the videos where length and copyright information are concerned, but a new twist this year was that we added the idea of a theme. We asked that students make the obvious (or not so obvious) theme of their films to be "change". Now, I've only seen a small glimpse of the submissions thus far and I hope to see more as the judging takes place this week, but it really makes you think about the word -change- and the many different ways you can portray that in a five minute time period.

These kids are in high school and some of the messages are very...well, mature. They are well thought out and I am very impressed with how they use this small amount of time to get their thought process across the screen. They are opening my mind in a way that only kids can.

Filmmaking really is an art, many shows and movies I've seen remind me of that often. These kids (are they too young to call "kids"?) may be artists in the budding stages of development and what fun it is to see their work now. What if we have the next Ken Burns right here in our community?

I think I'm going to buy my 3-year-old a Flip camera this weekend---it is never too early to start them on the creative path.

Monday, April 6, 2009

PBS Teachers Live! Webinar Series

Join Us Tuesday, April 7 for PBS Teachers Live! ‘Using 21st Century Resources to Enhance Math & Teaching Learning

PBS Teachers and Classroom 2.0 Present a Live Webinar with CYBERCHASE

Join PBS Teachers and Classroom 2.0 Tuesday, April 7 at 8 p.m. ET for “Using 21st Century Resources to Enhance Math & Teaching Learning,” with professional development experts and educational consultants from the Emmy award-winning math mystery series CYBERCHASE.

Preparing young elementary learners with high-quality math and science education is critical. Many educators are meeting this challenge by bringing CYBERCHASE into their classrooms. In this webinar, a member of the CYBERCHASE outreach team, two educators (an elementary teacher and a professor of pre-service teachers), and the director of THIRTEEN/WNET New York’s VITAL (Video in Teaching and Learning) project will share innovative and effective ways to approach elementary math and science instruction using media and technology.

Webinar participants will get an exclusive opportunity to preview CYBERCHASE's new seventh-season initiative, Weather Watchers, which features five math and weather-themed episodes, a new interactive Web game at CYBERCHASE Online, and hands-on activities for elementary learners. Participants will also learn how to access more than 125 different CYBERCHASE video segments and accompanying lesson plans using the VITAL/Teachers' Domain service.

For more information and to register, visit PBS Teachers

What in the world is THIS?

Well, it's The Grotto, of course! It's emerging from the riverbank of the San Antonio River at Camden and Newell Streets right next to the elevated I-35 freeway. The Grotto is the work of San Antonio artist Carlos Cortes, known for carrying on the Faux Bois work of his famous great uncle Dionisio Rodriguez.

The Grotto will feature a pair of waterfalls, a cave and much more. It's part of a 1.2 mile River Improvement project detailed in Karen Adams' River Blog. Artists from San Antonio and around the world are creating new works of art in the Museum Reach section of the river, and KLRN has partnered with the San Antonio River Foundation to create a documentary for the city's landmark project. We'll keep you informed of the project as it becomes a fabulous new reality for the city.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Star Light, Star Bright, Moon Pies are our delight!

Last night, KLRN and the San Antonio Astronomical Association (SAAA) teamed up for a “Sky Party” at McAllister Park. While a few wispy clouds hung around, they were no match for the high-powered telescopes set up by the members of the SAAA. Ellen and I (along with three invaluable volunteers) set up a KLRN table and provided Moon Pies, water and juice for the crowd of all ages. We also took the opportunity to promote the show, “400 Years of the Telescope,” which airs Friday, April 10 at 10 PM.

Highlights of the viewing included seeing detailed craters on the moon, Saturn and its moon and Orion. Of particular interest was the relatively fast flyover of the International Space Station.

A huge thanks to the San Antonio Astronomical Society for the guided tour of the night sky. Weather permitting; they are out at McAllister every Wednesday night.