Friday, April 20, 2012

Fiesta - Now that's Speaking My Language!

Cascarones, medals, special hats, food goodies and more!  The signs, smells and sounds of Fiesta are here.  I’m not a San Antonio native, but when I moved here twelve years ago, my San Antonio friends quickly introduced me to some of the festivities like Oyster Bake and NIOSA, and without hesitation taught me all about the Fiesta traditions. One of the traditions that totally surprised me about the consecutive eleven-day party was the fact that people actually save their vacation just for this time of the year.  My first thought twelve years ago, “Now that’s speaking my language!”

There are so many Fiesta events (roughly 100) that I’m not sure how one would attend all of them without taking vacation. This year for the first time in a while, I am actually “working” during Fiesta…if I can even call it work.  I already love what I do here at KLRN, and this year I get to play a part in the Fiesta parade productions.  And, well, I think that’s pretty cool.  So I hope you join us for the three parades, whether it’s in person, on-air or online, and as with everything that we do here at KLRN, I hope we make you proud to call us YOUR public television station. 

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