Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blazing Gavels Auction Drama!

The Winning bidder on this year's Blazing Gavels Dash For Cash races between two fish tanks, one filled with nickels, dimes and quarters, and the other, he gets to take home. It's a simple monetary transaction: scoop from the one tank, and shovel into the other. And everything he grabbed and put in the 2nd tank for :45 was his to take home. The crowd counted him out for the last :10 and applauded wildly.

Heavy on drama, heavy on action, heavy on fun. But that's what KLRN's Blazing Gavels Auction is all about.

If that's just a little too wild for your taste, head over to the Blazing Gavels website for Auction action that's all controllable by you. You can plan a vacation by searching our Trips of the night. You can search for affordable jewelry for that special someone. Or you can even buy a 1950 Studebaker. Really! Check it out.