Wednesday, January 5, 2011

KLRN Welcomes Rick Casey, Launches TEXAS WEEK

KLRN is proud to provide a (not-so)new home to Rick Casey, in a program launching on January 21...TEXAS WEEK with RICK CASEY. Rick's experience as a journalist, his point-of-view, his insight, and his Irish wit will make this weekly local news and issues program one not to be missed. With contributions and editorial from Texas Tribune's Evan Smith, discussions with local experts, and a "final word from Rick", this program will bring to San Antonio (and South Central Texas) something new, something exciting, and something informative. Welcome Rick! We're glad to have you. Look for TEXAS WEEK with RICK CASEY on Friday nights at 8:30 pm.

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  1. There is an issue in District One that has larger players than seem reasonable. A quiet zone, with apparatus to be erected in Olmos Park Terrace,has been opposed by members of the Neighborhood. Yet with the involvement of Jeff Judson in Olmos Park, Wentworth of the state legislature, Robbie Vasquez the new neighborhood president, and the absent presence of Mary Alice Cisnerous, and most recently the lads from Austin, this project is being pushed through.


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