Friday, June 11, 2010

I hear some buzzing?

So fun. This year, we (KLRN) with the help of Rackspace, are taking our Blazing Gavels auction waaaay into Social Media. Rackspace loaned us their fantastic employee, Fran Stephenson, to help us, essentially, make time for Social Media in our plans for Blazing Gavels. While we as a business have done what we can to build and maintain a presence in Facebook,Twitter, YouTube, etc, the auction is a beast all it's own that takes many people and many hours. Sometimes trying to find a time to "stop" and try something different will keep you from doing what is already on your to-do list. Insert Fran and all of the sudden we have someone to be held accountable to---she kept us in check (with a good old-fashioned checklist), helped us to expand our minds and ideas, and gave us insight into what auction appears like to folks outside of our building. One of the ideas that we came up with is inviting a Social Media Reporter to come into the studio each night to "report" on what is happening. Who is in the studio? What is being auctioned off next? What is the environment like? What is different than what they expected to see? What is their "wow" moment?
It is terribly exciting for us to see what is unfolding, and most importantly it is so helpful to have someone "speaking" for us. Answering tweets and FB questions, promoting items, engaging in discussion, creating buzz, and helping us to be out there. Nora Frost was our first guest tweeter and her energy was awesome. 9pm struck and I said, "Nora, if you need to go, feel have done wonderfully, but I know that you have other obligations." Her response, "Are you kicking me out? I'm having a ball and the only question I have is where can I plug in to get more power?" She made her exit after 11p. Thanks Nora.
I can't wait to engage 9 other folks from our San Antonio Social Media community into our efforts and a day later, read about their comments, experiences and insight.


  1. Way to go Fran and the Blazing Gavel Team. I had a great time volunteering and loved all the Tweetoids throughout the hallways.

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