Friday, May 8, 2009

Have you installed your DTV converter box only to find you can't receive KLRN?

If you are using an antenna (not cable or satellite), here are a few tips that might help:

If you have one of those compact indoor antennas – at lot of the antennas that are promoted as “HDTV” antennas – it has very poor performance in receiving VHF television stations, like KLRN-DT. All the rest of the DTV stations (for now) broadcast in the UHF band and those smaller antennas may work just fine on UHF but are not satisfactory for VHF. At the very least, you need an all-band antenna (VHF+UHF).

If you live outside San Antonio, you may need an outdoor antenna to receive our signal. When the FCC calculates DTV coverage, their formula assumes that the receiver has an all-band outdoor antenna mounted on a 30’ mast. Of course many people would have difficulty installing such an antenna.

If you live inside the city, you might try to receive our signal using a basic set of “rabbit ears” – nothing fancy, just the two telescoping rods. You’ll need to experiment with the orientation of the rods to get the maximum signal level – and there should be a signal strength indicator in your DTV converter box. Look in the Menu for that display.

We'll keep posting more information as we move towards the June 12 transition, but you'll find much more on our DTV site at


  1. I've converted from analog to digital (no cable) and no longer receive KLRN. What do you recommend?

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    Definitely check the kind of antenna you are using per the posting above. There are also some good tips at on our DTV website at

    If that information doesn't help, feel free to drop us an email at Include in your email where you live and what kind of antenna you are using. That might help us troubleshoot your specific situation.

    Thank you.

  3. With the new change that has taken effect, the reception for KLRN has decreased. There are days when there is no signal, days when you can only catch every other word that is said, freezing, and worst of all no signal. I have a roof top antenna, and there should be no reason for poor or no signal.

  4. KLRN will shut down its analog Channel 9 service and the current DTV service at 11:59:59 PM tonight. That is the time that our broadcast licenses for analog channel 9 and our temporary DTV channel 8 will expire. At midnight, our engineers will perform a "flash cut" transition of our DTV service to Channel 9, our permanent digital destination. The change-over time is expected to be just a few minutes.

    We will return the DTV service to air as quickly as possible and at that time, we will be operating at higher power and using the antenna at the top of our tower -- both of which will improve our coverage and reliability. Viewers will need to re-scan their digital receivers to acquire our new channel. There will be several channel changes in the San Antonio market, so re-scanning will be an important activity for over-the-air viewers.

    KLRN will be taking DTV calls in the studio tonight after midnight. The number to call is 270-9099. We will also have that same phone line open for DTV calls on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8 AM.


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