Friday, May 22, 2009

Looking Back - KLRN Great TV Auction

It is exciting and amazing to think that the KLRN Auction started in 1966. In the photos above, the fashion, the set design, and the technology alone speak volumes. Whether you were a part of it back then, whether you know the people in these photos or not, it is enjoyable to just thumb through them and see how far this auction has come.

In 11 days we will kick off year number 43, of what is now known as the Blazing Gavels Auction. Congratulations to EVERYONE--the buyers, the donors, the sponsors, the staff and of course, the volunteers-- for doing their part to keep this monstrous event going strong.
Now, let's auction!


  1. How many "pillars" of our community and media personalities can you recognize as having participated in KLRN's annual fundraising event?
    It gives you some idea of the tremendous support the station has had over the decades of its existence. Thanks, San Antonio.. .and New Braunfels. . .and Kerrville. . .and Seguin. . .and Laredo. . .and Uvalde. . .etc., etc.!

  2. I have been an avid viewer of the Auction for many years. I can't wait to tune and see all the goodies you have for 2009.

    Viva la Auction!

  3. The Blazing Gavels web site is up. You can check out items at


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