Thursday, May 14, 2009

DTV Power Increase

As of June 13, KLRN-DT will be moving from DT-8 to DT-9 and as a part of that process, the station has been granted a transmitter power increase. We will be also using the antenna that is mounted at the top of our tower instead of the current DTV antenna that is side-mounted and lower on the tower. Both the additional height and the additional power will improve signal coverage and stability. We believe that the change from Channel 8 to 9 will also eliminate the DTV interference we currently experience from the DT-8 channel in Corpus Christi. All good news for our viewers!


  1. im from san antonio i have dtv i had klrn 9-1,9-2,9-3,9-4 now i have no signal at all what happend

  2. Thanks so much for your inquiry. We’ve heard many folk with your exact problem and we think it should be easily resolved.

    Both KLRN and KSAT changed our digital channels on June 12, so that explains why you got us before and couldn’t after the switch.

    We’ve also heard that a rescan doesn’t always work the first time, so the FCC recommends a complete reset of your converter box. That may require unplugging it and then doing a complete rescan of all channels.

    Check out where you can find the latest tips from the FCC.

    Please let us know if this helps.



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