Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wrestling with Our Stories: We Shall Remain

Have you been watching “We Shall Remain” from the folks at American Experience? If you have, you’ve witnessed a moving account of the complex and controversial birth of our nation and the trials of those who were here long before the first settlers arrived.

I grew up in Robeson County, North Carolina in the ‘70s-‘80s, where the racial divide was split equally among whites, African Americans and Native Americans. While I knew vaguely of the local lore of Henry Berry Lowrie and plight of the Lumbee Indians, most of what I knew about our country’s native people could be summarized in a kindergarten class reenactment of the Thanksgiving feast.

“We Shall Remain” has reintroduced me to the stories of real people and families who saw their way of life radically changed by the expansion of the United States. I hope you’ll take time to explore, and perhaps wrestle, with these stories as well.

You can catch the final two chapters of “We Shall Remain” on Monday, May 4 (Geronimo) & May 11 (Wounded Knee) at 9 PM on KLRN. You can watch past chapters (After the Mayflower, Tecumseh’s Vision, and Trail of Tears) online on PBS’ new video player at There’s also a robust website of information and resources at

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  1. Hi! Are you liking the series so far? For the rest of the story on Ridge and his clan and their struggles after the Trail of Tears through the Civil War, read about it in the recent book,
    "Jesus Wept" An American Story.


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